Awakening Consciousness

It was not all that long ago that the bricks and mortar I tried desperately to keep pieced together washed away in a violent rainstorm of tears and fury and my life, as I understood it, had come to an abrupt halt.

I then learned, first hand, how our greatest devastations can become true miracles if we let them.

It took at first hope,tremendous trust and complete surrender for miracles to begin happening;consciousness sparked and my eyes began to open again along with my heart.

Every waking hour I submerged myself into personal growth and healing. Most of my days consisted of, and still do, intense study of Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Brain Works, Acceptance, Guilt, Shame, Self-Love, Energy Healing, Grounding and Self-regulation just to name a few. All of these inquiries are done not alone but amongst an amazing group of sisters and, what I consider, healers.

A shift has taken place, a Rebirth, a Reawakening.

What I have sought and been given are tools to dig knee-deep into the Garden of Life. Excavating my true Soul, Spirit and Being- A creature of love, strength, acceptance and Beauty. I have begun to grow present to the “I Am”, as Eckhart Tolle puts it.

Yet, along the way, though I was giving it my all, I still couldn’t let go of the “me and them” belief I had carried since childhood. I still felt different than
others- outside of my healing circle of sisters. I found a ton of interesting
contributions out there but I just didn’t quit fit into the abundance of
how-to, e-course, free printable lifestyles. I wanted
to take advantage of what other woman were graciously offering, but again I
found myself trying to fit into a mold that just didn’t work for me.

I began to think about my dilemma and it occurred to me that I couldn’t possibly be the only one out there having this experience.

So, with a wealth of information under my belt and a relinquished love for humanity, I decided to face my fears of “doing it wrong” or “not good enough” and
share with others what has worked for me- to support other woman who have
taken the road less traveled and bridge the gap between “Us and Them”.

It was also time to share with the world the beauty I create and capture, as I can see now the incredible beauty in the tiniest seed and create from the artist within, the artist God intended me to be.

Thus, The Magdalene Mama was born.




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